NBA 2K14 next-gen video focuses on 'Eco-Motion'

NBA 2K14 is arguably one of the best-looking games available at launch. 2K Sports has released a new five minute video focusing on its "Eco-Motion Engine."

"Gone are the days of pre-canned animations that must play out exactly as they were mocapped. Now, players adjust their movements based on the environment around them. Jumpshots will change midair, dribble moves will alter in between dribbles, and players will land in a unique way following every thunderous dunk or block. No two animations will ever appear exactly the same," 2K Games community manager Ronnie Singh wrote on the PlayStation.Blog.

Sure, you can watch the video just for the pretty graphics, but it's also entertaining just seeing LeBron James screaming for the mo-cap process. Doesn't he feel silly.

NBA 2K14 will be available for PS4 and Xbox One at launch.

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