Company of Heroes 2 'Victory at Stalingrad' coming with Turning Point update

Next week is turning out to be a pretty eventful one for Company of Heroes 2. Not only is it getting a map editor alongside the Turning Point update, but it will also add the "Victory at Stalingrad" downloadable content. It's set to go up right alongside Turning Point, for $9.99.

It will consist of a new co-op scenario (Kalach Pincer), two new solo challenges (Tatsinskaya Raid and Bridge Defense), and three new AI battles (Winter Storm, Stalingrad Resistance, and Stalingrad Encirclement).

As previously reported, Turning Point itself will bring two multiplayer maps (Lazur Factory and Rails & Metal), two new premium commanders for $2.99, and a set of skins for $1.99. It will also bring the oft-requested World Builder, which will let you make your own maps, and co-op support for the Theater of War mode.