Weekend Confirmed 189 - Assassin's Creed 4, Batman: Arkham Origins

By Ozzie Mejia, Nov 01, 2013 11:00am PDT

Weekend Confirmed has finally reached the month of November and with next-gen console arrivals imminent, hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata invite Shacknews' Andrew Yoon and "Indie" Jeff Mattas to discuss the week's next-gen console stories, including the rumored different in resolution and the hardware announcements from Sony. After that, it's time to discuss games, as the crew breaks down Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Batman: Arkham Origins before Jeff professes further love for Path of Exile. The show wraps up with "Indie" Jeff revisiting The Stanley Parable over two years after first discussing the original mod, a brief talk about the strange Device 6, and everyone's rapidly-increasing Piles of Shame before going into some post-Halloween Finishing Moves and the post-show Tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 189: 11/01/2013

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  • Personally, speaking as a huge Final Fantasy fan, I can honestly say I hated 13-2 almost as much as I hated 13.

    On the one had, yes, structurally, it's vastly improved. The whole Historia Crux, jumping around time and space at will thing was a vast improvment over the extreme linearity of 13. Feels a bit, Chrono Trigger inspired even.

    And I did enjoy catching monsters to use in my party.

    But it didn't solve the biggest problem 13 had, the godawful Paradigm combat system.

    I don't understand what's wrong with a system where, when I need a heal, I select one of my characters that knows Cure and I have them cast it. Instead of the completely insane process of, first switching a character's class mid-combat to healer, not just one character actually, but switching my entire party's classes around to a combination where one of them is a healer. And then, on top of that, hope that the AI that controls my other party members actually prioritizes the heal I want them to cast over the other things it could just decide to do instead.

    The sheer overcomplification of this combat system is just mind-boggling.

  • I hope I'm not derailing any of the awesome threads that are taking place after this week's show, but I just wanted to say that in preparation for the next gen systems, I was going through my backlog of games. I am sadly not one of the people who can buy the next gen systems day one so I'm hoping to do that in the spring or summer time.

    Anyway, I ended up going back to Resident Evil 5. I never played it originally and I bought the Gold Edition almost 2 years ago now. I never played the game during that time so I decided to take a break from Street Fighter, which is what I play most of the times I'm playing my 360 & get through the game. I've been playing co-op matches with strangers, something I usually don't like to do but I have to say that I had the most wonderful time probably ever had playing online with anybody with a completely random person.

    That person was super helpful, giving me little tips and tricks throughout the game, and was overall very friendly towards me. We played for 6 hours straight till 730 AM my time (I live in NY, he was in Utah) and we didn't finish the game in one sitting but I plan on meeting up with him again the following night to complete the game.

    It made me think about with these next gen consoles coming up and online being a huge part of both systems, how can there be a way, if there is a way, to improve those matches. Obviously both systems will try to create the best experience for you with player feedback and the like. But we all know that this system put in place wasn't foolproof, & you could play with a person or group of people will do nothing but troll you.

    Sorry for the long post, but I just look forward to more types of co-op experiences with strangers, because that opens up new avenues to meet really to genuine people. It definitely made me think that not everybody is the complete troll on the Internet which I already knew wasn't the case, but better safe than sorry

  • I just wanted to mention, and see if others shared my view, that I will actually be choosing to postpone my entry into the new generation.

    There are so many games I want to finish(red dead, skyrim, batman, gta v, HEAVY RAIN, so many others), replay(gears of war series, god of war series, mass effect series, far cry 3, and so many others) or play that I have missed(tomb raider, dmc, beyond two souls and others).

    This, combined with the fact that there are a lot of next gen titles also coming on current gen makes me not really feel the need to run out and get the new systems. This generation is going out with a bang and there is so much yet to come(ff 14 and gran turismo).

    Plus, I just know the next gen systems will lower in price next year, so I could just pick them up at a discount or in some neat value bundle.

    Anyone else feel this way? What does the weekend confirmed crew think?

  • I'm not sure if anyone still reads this... I always listen to the show over the weekend so I reply a little late.

    On Path of Exile; I tried it after hearing Jeff talk about it. But I'm not sure I like it that much. I like these types of games, but I truly think Torchlight II is still the best at it. Path of Exile has some of the same problems Diablo III had for me. For instance, your inventory is full after about 10 minutes of play. I refuse to go back to town to sell it and I'm certainly missing the pet Torchlight II had to take care of that for me.

    What I'm left with is just seeing loot on the ground after every battle and not picking any of it up because it will waste space. Only occasionally did I come across something that was actually better than the gear I already had. I pick it up, swap it and in no time my inventory is full again; having to compare what's on the ground with what I have in my inventory and so on.

    I'm kind of wondering if Jeff likes loot so much, why he likes Path of Exile, because it certainly isn't the type of game where you pick up loot constantly. You let it be constantly more like. That said, I'm only 3 or 4 hours in I think. I should give it more of a chance I guess.

    But man... all this game makes me think about is Torchlight. I really think TII is still the best dungeon crawler out there. I do really like the idea of that sphere grid in PoE though.

  • Regarding the Weekend Confirmed GTA crew, I think that you guys only mentioned the actual name of the crew once on your show.

    Keep in mind that someone (probably a listener) created a crew named "Weekend Confirmed". I sent a request to that one three weeks ago and wondered why it was never approved. On this week's show, it was casually mentioned that the crew is named "Weekend Confirmers". I'm sure that many of us signed up for the other one.

    I recommend reiterating that the crew is named "Weekend Confirmers". Don't bother mentioning the 4-letter code. It's too hard to remember and the other crew has a very similar one. Also you could try reaching out to the person that created the other one to ask if they could remove it. (It doesn't have any members anyway.)