Nintendo admits 2DS 'awareness' is too low

Nintendo 2DS caused quite a stir when it was first unveiled. Nintendo's budget entry into the 3DS family drops 3D support and the clamshell design. While it may look odd, it actually feels quite nice.

Nintendo of America plans on targeting a younger market with the handheld, but Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata admits that the system has yet to take off. "We are yet to create sufficient awareness among prospective purchasers of this new product," he said. "It appears that there are some among those who saw the picture on our official website that mistakenly believe that the product is perhaps too large and heavy to carry."

"We therefore strive to achieve higher awareness without causing misunderstandings," he told investors. "Fortunately, Nintendo 2DS has been well received by those who purchased it, and according to a Club Nintendo survey taken by Nintendo 2DS consumers, we learned that there are many people who would not have purchased a product in the Nintendo 3DS family without the existence of Nintendo 2DS. We have a strong feeling that Nintendo 2DS is going to be a force in further propelling the popularity of Nintendo 3DS in the overseas markets."

Nintendo 2DS retails for $130, while the standard 3DS costs $170 and 3DS XL costs $200.