Outlast's Whistleblower DLC returns to the asylum

If you've played Red Barrels' first-person horror game Outlast, chances are that Mount Massive Asylum isn't going to be on your list of vacation destinations. But how did the asylum come to be the way it was? The answer to some of the questions lie in the game's first piece of DLC, Outlast: Whistleblower, announced earlier today.

Whistleblower is a prequel, putting players in the role of the original anonymous whistleblower whose tip brought reporter Miles Upshur to Mount Massive Asylum in the first place. Players will explore the area as it once was before witnessing the asylum's horrific experiments, minutes before the entire place would go up in a blaze of mass slaughter.

Outlast is out now on PC and is coming soon to PS4. There is no release date for the Whistleblower DLC.