ObsCure game turns into Final Exam, coming to PS3 in November

High school reunions can get pretty awkward. You'll bump into your old prom date, you run into friends that you haven't talked to in years, and then monsters will show up. Ok, that may not be how your high school reunion went, but there are definitely plenty of monsters (besides your high school ex) wandering the halls in Mighty Rocket Studio's upcoming Final Exam, formerly known as ObsCure.

According to the PlayStation.Blog, this multiplayer beat'em up will feature four high school archetypes: quarterback Brutal Joe, street dancer/cheerleader Cassy, geekie Nathan, and handsome rebel Sean. It's like The Breakfast Club, if detention was filled with monsters. Each character has four power levels to take advantage of their specific skills, culminating with attacks that clear the screen. Like the Scooby Gang, the cast of Final Exam can split up to clear out different paths. While there's safety in numbers, there are also items that can only be accessed with multiple players, like an armored parade float.

Final Exam arrives on November 5 for PS3, with Xbox 360 and PC versions expected around that time, as well. Watch the trailer below and pay attention, because some of it will be on the test.