Ouya CEO acknowledges 'a lot of mistakes'

Ouya has seen its fair share of complaints and controversies, and CEO Julie Uhrman has made a habit of confronting them head on. At a recent conference, she acknowledged some of the company's missteps, but reiterated her view that the startup can make inroads by listening to feedback.

"We have done a lot of things wrong," Uhrman said in comments from the XOXO technology festival (via Polygon). "We've made a lot of mistakes. And I think one thing that's really unique about us is that we're gonna continue to make them. We're young, we're scrappy, we're moving fast. We're building this product in the open with you. We got our start with you. We get better every day because we listen to you. Some things are going to resonate and some things aren't going to resonate."

Among the complaints were Kickstarter units shipping late, the controller, some strange advertising missteps, and the recent brouhaha over the Free the Games Fund promotion. She said of that one in particular that the company didn't foresee "all the different ways people could take advantage of that program."

For her part, Uhrman has been fairly open about the company's problems. She personally acknowledged many of them before, including the indie promotion and delayed shipments. She's remained optimistic, though, having predicted that some developers would make more than $1 million by the end of this year.