Nintendo provides creepy glimpse of Pikachu game

The Pokémon Company is working on a game starring the popular character Pikachu, and is reportedly preparing to debut the project at the end of this month. In the meantime, a clip of that presentation has given us a glimpse of it, and it is horrifying.

The video from Japanese station NHK (via Eurogamer), teasing a TV interview to air on October 28 in Japan, shows some of the tech driving the game. It appears to use the 3DS camera to capture your facial expressions, and then Pikachu imitates them. That could be awfully cute when all is said and done and the artwork is finalized, but for the time being the result is just Pikachu with an unsettling Cheshire grin.

We had previously heard that work began on the game over the summer, and that it would revolve around the idea of "playfulness." Given Pikachu's dead-eyed stare, we get the chilling feeling that means he wants to play with us forever and ever.