Pokemon game starring Pikachu in the works

While Pokemon fans wait on pins and needles for X and Y, more pocket monster games are stirring in the background. Because of course they are. This time, the Pokemon Company is reportedly working on a game starring its de facto franchise mascot, Pikachu.

A producer's summary on the Japanese site NHK, as reported by Siliconera, says development of a Pikachu-centric Pokemon game began over the summer. Producer Tsunekazu Ishihara said that it will revolve around a boy using "playfulness" as his weapon, so expect to defeat enemies with pure adorable hijinks.

Ishihara also expressed fears that if the game isn't very good, it could hurt the popularity of the iconic character. But then, the electric mouse made it through Hey You, Pikachu! unscathed, so it can't be that dangerous to make a bad game.