Lone Survivor Director's Cut haunts PC on Halloween

I do hope you all enjoy the glut of gaming coming this Halloween, as we may hit a barren stretch between new games and updates rushing to hit that scary date and the next console generation in November. Lone Survivor is joining the first group, as the shiny new bits from the PS3 and Vita versions are coming back to PC and Mac on Halloween itself in the new Director's Cut.

The Director's Cut will bring new items, locations, graphics, endings and more to the 2D survival horror, all of which will be in a free update for people who already own the game.

However, that won't all be so free after the launch, as Byrne's bumping up the game's price.

"To offset some of the (quite large) costs of making it, I will be having a small price increase on release," he said in the announcement, "although I'll be running a sale for the first couple of days so that it'll still be possible to purchase at the original price before the increase. "

Check Byrne's description to see everything the update will bring.