DC Universe Online Update 31 prepares for PS4, enables better graphics on PC and PS3

Sony Online Entertainment promised us that the upcoming PS4 launch of DC Universe Online would benefit current players. And lo and behold, they're making good on their word. The next game update (Update 31) will be ready in November, and not only does it get the game ready for PS4 play, it will improve performance on both PC and PS3.

DCUO executive producer Larry Liberty promises that Update 31 will offer a "sweeping, game-wide graphical upgrade," calling it "without a doubt the biggest technical update we have ever done."

Unfortunately, SOE has yet to show off the PS4 version of the game. However, Liberty says that the biggest improvement coming to PS4 and PC will be the level of detail on textures. "That's perhaps nowhere more obvious than when observing the Earth from the Watchtower," Liberty said in a new blog post. PS3 players will also see some improvements.

Update 31 will also see a "remastering of the core leveling game," with new content unlocking naturally as you go from 1 through 30. "There is less chance of getting lost or stuck without a mission," Liberty says, pointing out that this should make it more enticing for newcomers to try the game.

There's tons of content that will be accessible to all players, as well. "Some previously Mentor-specific content can now be attempted by all players regardless of Mentor" and side missions are replayable.

While Update 31 is due next month, there's still no exact date on the PS4 version of DC Universe Online. It's still due for "launch window," whatever that means.