Legend of Grimrock 2 makes skill points meaningful

"Every character level gained should feel special," Legend of Grimrock developer Almost Human has said, explaining that the sequel brings a "major redesign" of its retro dungeon crawler's skill system. No longer will heroes need to pump points into just a few skills, as each individual point now does something actually useful.

Each level-up will only give one skill point in the sequel, the dev explained in a blog post, but . Rather than needing to meet thresholds within trees to unlock new skills, each and every point gets you a worthwhile bonus. It only takes three points to fully master wearing all types of armour, for example.

Each class has its own skill tree, though some skills may be shared between classes, and each playable race also has its own tree with skills and perks.

The original game's skill system "resulted in a situation where optimal strategy is to pump all skill points into very few skills," Almost Human explained. "Especially with magic skills, this resulted in mages specializing in one or two schools of spells, which resulted in fewer spells to be available to mage. Fewer spells = less fun to the player."