Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus includes free Quest for Booty

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 16, 2013 1:15pm PDT

Why yes, there is another Ratchet & Clank game coming out this year. Into the Nexus is the "epilogue" to the Future saga of games, and will be available on PS3 on November 12th for $29.99. It promises to be a more classically styled adventure, staying away from the gameplay experiments of Insomniac's most recent adventures.

To sweeten the deal, Into the Nexus will include a free copy of Quest for Booty, the first downloadable game in the Future saga. A voucher will be included in every retail copy of the game. That's in addition to whatever retailer-exclusive bonuses are also on offer.

Here, watch some more gameplay from the upcoming adventure:

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