Master Reboot bringing cyberspace scares in time for Halloween

Imagine being able to upload parts of yourself and your memories to live forever virtually in the Soul Cloud after you died. If the inside of your head is anything like mine, you may have already guessed what goes wrong in Master Reboot.

Developer Wales Interactive today announced its cyberspace horror-adventure game will launch for PC on October 29, just in time for Goth Christmas.

In the same way that all your precious tweets and e-mails might one day vanish, Master Reboot will find you inside the Soul Cloud with your memory wiped, personal demons out for you, and the system's anti-virus trying to cleanse you, you buggy mess you. Get your puzzle-solving hat on, and always remember to keep a local copy of yourself.

Wales Interactive also plans to release PlayStation 3, Vita, Wii U, and Mac versions later. Have a peek at the game in this trailer, and check the official website for more.