Final Fantasy 7 for iOS and Android will take 'years'

By year's end, every numbered Final Fantasy game from 1 through 6 will be available on iOS and Android. So, it should be pretty obvious what the team should be working on next. However, producer Takashi Tokita has bad news for fans. He says it will take years before the team tackles Final Fantasy 7 for mobile.

"Unfortunately, it's not that it's not impossible for us to develop Final Fantasy 7 for mobile," Tokita told Shacknews. "It's that currently, space will be an issue. Phones won't be able to contain the space it takes. It's over a gigabyte. People are probably going to have to wait a few years."

The FMV-heavy RPG took three CD-ROM discs when it debuted on PS1. The recent PC re-release ended up being 3GB large--well over the 2GB limit Apple imposes on iOS games. "It's definitely going to be years before we do the port," Tokita added.