Rockstar giving away GTA$ for Grand Theft Auto Online troubles

Grand Theft Auto Online's launch didn't go over too well. And while Rockstar is still working on fixes, it knows how to make things right: bribery, of course. Anyone that's attempted to play GTAO so far will be earning half a million dollars--GTA$ for use in the game's online economy.

Players that have played--or will play--GTA Online any time during the month of October will qualify for the GTA$500,000 deposit. However, players will first have to download a title update (1.04) before the money is deposited. That update is expected to fix "remaining instances of issues that have caused vehicle purchase loss." It's expected to drop next week.

The cash will be distributed via two deposits of GTA$250,000 each "in order to keep the current worldwide in-game economy balanced," Rockstar explained on their blog. The first deposit should happen by the end of next week, while the second should happen by the end of the month. "For players who experienced cloud server errors, connection issues, and lost game progress and characters in these first days of GTA Online, we hope this GTA$ helps to facilitate a fresh start or makes your continued life in Los Santos and Blaine County extra sweet," Rockstar said.