Peggle 2 gameplay videos: it's more Peggle

Peggle 2 has all sorts of new features, PopCap promises. "It's a lot more immersive than it used to be in the past," lead producer Jared Neuss told us. Masters are the highlight for Peggle 2, with new over-the-top powers, new Master-specific victory songs, and new art that brings everything together. "You're moving through their world as you progress through the levels. The game feels more seamless than it used to."

Three new gameplay videos show off Peggle 2's new art and master powers in action. And lo and behold, it looks a lot like Peggle.

Of course, Peggle 2 could have looked quite different. But PopCap didn't like the results of their experiments. "A lot of time was spent was just trying new things. Where we settled was: we want the gameplay to feel very similar for people who've played the game before," Neuss said.

Peggle 2 will be available at Xbox One's launch.