Harvest Moon: Connect to the New World announced for 3DS

Marvelous AQL has another game in its long-running farming/dating sim series in development, titled Harvest Moon: Connect to the New Land. It's set to come out on 3DS in Japan next February.

The Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Siliconera) detailed the upcoming sequel. The "Connect" moniker refers to both StreetPass sharing features, and the new ability to use a "Trade Station" to trade crops and dairy to other countries. This sounds like an in-game simulation of trading, though, rather than actually bartering with other players.

Other additions include a safari, which well let you train more wild and exotic animals. The game promises about twice the variety of previous installments. You'll also encounter ranchers, who will serve as tutorial characters for different aspects of your farming life. Fishing is making a comeback too. And of course, it will still be a traditional Harvest Moon game, which means picking your gender, farming crops, and wooing locals.

No North American plans have been announced, but the series tends to hit our shores a few months after it debuts in Japan. If you can't wait for a new Harvest Moon, series creator Yasuhiro Wada's new game, Hometown Story, appears to be a spiritual successor to the franchise. It's due October 15.