Dungeon Defenders 2 dropping MOBA features in response to fans

Dungeon Defenders 2 seemed keen to drop on the MOBA bandwagon, but the ironically named Trendy Entertainment has decided it wants to jump off now. The studio announced today that it will be removing the previously-announced MOBA features, instead focusing squarely on what they say fans have requested: refinements to the tower defense aspect.

Dungeon Defenders is still free-to-play and still aiming for a soft launch this spring. A pre-alpha build will be playable at New York Comic Con this week. The announcement makes no bones about this being a direct response to the fan community's wishes, which apparently didn't include the MOBA direction.

"We've been listening very closely to our community, getting feedback from fans of the first game on what they want to see in a sequel, and we realized we needed a shift in our development focus," said marketing director Philip Asher, in the announcement. "We had strayed from making the kind of game fans wanted and the kind of game we wanted to develop. So, we've nixed the MOBA-style of gameplay and other 'extra' features we were talking about and instead are making the sequel we all want to play."