BioShock Infinite DLC trailer plumbs legends of Rapture

Myles Bloom and the Fact from Myth documentary series puzzled over the supposed cloud city of Columbia in the run up to BioShock Infinite's launch and, blow me down, now they're curious about Rapture. The first part of Infinite's Burial at Sea DLC must be approaching, as a new trailer delves into mysteries of the underwater city and a certain wide-eyed young lady who lived there.

Burial at Sea will drag Infinite down into Rapture, set amidst the breakout of civil war on New Year's Eve 1958. The first chapter stars Booker, shooting men and whatnot, but interestingly the second will let you play as play as Elizabeth. Her approach is said to be "much more thoughtful," which should prove interesting.

2K hasn't dated when either half of the campaign yet, but the first can't be too far out if trailers are starting. Each part will cost $14.99, but as both they and the challenge pack Clash in the Clouds are included in the $19.99 DLC Season Pass, that's probably the way to go.

Behold, Rapture: A Modern Day Atlantis?

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