Star Wars Pinball 'Balance of the Force' coming October 15, delayed on Mac and Wii U

The "Balance of the Force" tables for Star Wars Pinball have been dated for mid-October on most platforms, but Wii U and Mac players will have to wait a while. The tables will start rolling out to various platforms on October 15, while those two particular platforms have just had their dates moved to the "unconfirmed" column.

The tables will come to the PlayStation Network first, on October 15. Then, on October 16, it will hit just about everything else: Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, Windows 8, iOS, Google Play, and Kindle. The Wii U and Mac App Store dates will be set sometime later.

The "Balance of the Force" pack includes three new tables, based on big-bad Darth Vader, the forest moon of Endor that people always inaccurately call "Endor," and the series' famed space battles. The announcement included some new details on that last table, which will let you choose to fight for the Alliance fleet or Imperial armada. you'll earn upgrades to apply to your fleet, fighters, and turrets, with representation of iconic ships like the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Millennium Falcon, and the second Death Star space station.