Eidos life president Ian Livingstone leaving Square Enix

When Square Enix acquired Eidos in 2009, company veteran Ian Livingstone was declared its 'life president.' Apparently this isn't a blood-bound oath, as Livingstone is walking away from the company after almost two decades, his heart still beating, to focus on other projects. These include improving UK schools and computer education, and belonging to oodles of industry bodies.

"We're not saying a full goodbye as we're hopeful we will get to work with Ian on some future projects," Squeenix said. "But all of us at Square Enix do want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Ian for his unparalleled tenure and contribution to this business and the UK games industry. And we wish him every success with his future projects and new ventures."

Livingstone had been with Eidos since 1995 when it acquired publisher Domark, to whose board he belonged. He stayed through SCi's takeover of Eidos in 2005 (and adoption of the brand), then kept with it when Square Enix stepped in to save it in 2009. And now he's off. He'll still be around in games, though, working as "an advisor and entrepreneur in social and mobile."

He's also known for co-founding tabletop gaming company and Warhammer creator Games Workshop, and co-creating the Fighting Fantasy series of choose-your-own-adventure books.