Batman: Arkham Origins getting permadeath 'I Am the Night' mode

Sure, the Arkham games have done a decent job of approximating the feeling of being Batman. But to really deserve the cowl, you need to do it with severe consequences for failure. To that end, Arkham Origins will have a permanent death mode, appropriately called "I Am the Night" after one of the Dark Knight's favored catchphrases.

Arkham Origins producer Guillaume Voghel told Eurogamer that the "I Am the Night" mode features only one life, so dead means dead for good. Considering a large chunk of the plot revolves around assassins with explicit instructions to kill Batman, that sounds pretty rough. He also said it would include no saves, which sounded daunting for a purportedly 12-hour game, but creative director Eric Holmes later corrected that on Twitter.

Voghel also shed a little more light on the recently revealed "Initiation" downloadable content, which will come included with the season pass. It involves Bruce Wayne learning to be a ninja in Asia, marking the first time the series will venture outside Gotham city limits. Instead of being ninja-tutored by Ra's Al Ghul, he'll be taking lessons from Kirigi, who is said to be al Ghul's own teacher.