Bully sequel could go 'a lot of directions,' says Rockstar

Bully has become a cult favorite, trading the studio's usual crime drama motifs for a simpler story about a kid dealing with the pressures of teenage life. Rockstar's Dan Houser says he'd still love to make a sequel, though it wouldn't go in the direction fans might think.

"I know I want to [do a sequel]," Houser told Polygon. "Well, hopefully, you never know. There's a lot of directions I could go with that one, it's funny."

Houser said he was frustrated by the backlash over the game, and how the studio never got to really explain what it was about. He thinks they were too busy defending against accusations of encouraging bullies to show that it's actually a story about "being this tough kid that wasn't sucked into that kind of world and was friends with some of the weaker kids, but by no means a saint."

And on that note, he doesn't think a sequel would feature protagonist Jimmy Hopkins growing into a Grand Theft Auto protagonist. "I never saw him as being that level of degenerate," he said. "I saw him as a bad teen, because he comes from a tough home, who could go either direction. He's not going to be a carjacker. He's too white collar for that already. He was an unpleasant soul, but he had a heart. To some extent you could say the same was true of [Grand Theft Auto 4's] Niko in a bizarre way. But [Jimmy's] not trying to burn down the school, he's more trying to stand up to injustice."