Taco Bell giving away PlayStation 4s now too

You may not have $400 to drop on a PlayStation 4, but chances are you have five bucks to spend on questionable Tex-Mex cuisine. Sony has announced a promotion with Taco Bell to give away PS4s before they're available on store shelves, giving you the chance to finally be the envy of people who refuse to eat at Taco Bell.

The 'Play the Future First' promotion runs from this Thursday, September 26 through November 10. Purchasing a branded '$5 Buck Box' will give you a code to text for a chance at winning a prize pack that includes a PlayStation 4, Knack, and a year of PlayStation Plus membership. The announcement promises that the prizes will be mailed out on or around November 12, so as long as the shipping is fast you'll get the system a day or two before its official November 15 launch.

This is similar to a Vita promotion that ran last year, and was apparently successful enough to warrant another go.