Guild Wars 2 free trial week starts Friday

Guild Wars 2 is holding another free trial event from Friday, for a little longer than usual. Rather than another trial weekend, it'll be a trial week running until the following Thursday. Landing smack bang in the middle of this will be the 'Twilight Assault' update, which developer ArenaNet today unveiled.

The trial will kick off at 12:01am Pacific on Friday, then run until 11:59pm on Thursday, October 3. All you'll need is to sign up for an account. Coupled with this is a weekend sale, which will bring the digital 'Heroic' edition down from $49.99 to $39.99, but only for the weekend.

Trial players will get to enjoy the latest of ArenaNet's regular 'Living World' updates. Twilight Assault sees the Aetherblades leader Scarlet Briar up to no good in Twilight Arbor, for you to stop. That's the only reason any NPC does anything in an MMORPG, you know: to entertain you.

The new level 80 Twilight Arbor path will offer traps, monsters, and shiny rewards. Outside there, the update adds rare Nightmare weapons in the explorable area, and key parts dropped across Tyria. ArenaNet is due to have more details here, though the page isn't up yet as I write.