La-Mulana 2 announced, aiming for less confusion

Indie developer Nigoro has announced La-Mulana 2, a follow-up to the retro-styled 2D platformer. Director Takumi Naramura says the sequel will still be difficult as ever, but the studio wants to make it less confusing. It's expected to launch on PC next year, and should look similar to the various La-Mulana ports, as it's using the engine from the remake.

Naramura told that the studio received feedback from players that the first game was hard to decipher, and not especially clear about what or where their immediate goal might be. In La-Mulana 2, they want to provide more feedback.

As one example, Naramura showed a demo in which switches triggered stage changes like a door or treasure chest opening; if the switch's effect was off-screen, the camera would pan there to show it. Naramura said they want to avoid the pacing problems that come from text explanations or companion characters.