Counter-Strike: GO 'Operation Bravo' brings new maps for $6

After raising over $150,000 for community mappers with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Operation Payback, not to mention an undisclosed amount for itself, Valve is having another go. Last night it launched Operation Bravo, with another set of maps people can play on official servers if they pony up $5.99. It also offers exclusive weapon finishes.

Operation Bravo lets players shoot men on seven new community-created maps, selected by community vote, and one returning from Payback. It'll run until January 20, 2014. Pass holders also get a virtual commemorative coin which tracks their performance in all official matches during Bravo.

Bravo also introduces 31 new skins split into two new sets, one everyone can get while the Operation is running and another only for Bravo holders. They'll get those exclusive skins on top of their regular drops, not as part of them.

Bravo holders can invite chums to play on Bravo maps, too. Check Valve's subsite for more.