Dota 2 'First Blood' update due Monday, with GLaDOS and new mode

Now that Dota 2 has officially launched, some patches more than patches, they are, borrowing the language of Team Fortress 2, Updates. Valve has announced the first big fancy Update for Dota 2, named First Blood, which will launch on Monday with a new picking mode, the ability to host LAN games, and an announcer pack starring Portal's GLaDOS.

This being an Update, Valve has a subsite up to detail everything. Along with oodles of fixes, small tweaks, and changes, it brings a few headline features.

The new Captain's Draft mode is an exciting blend of Random Draft and Captain's Mode, which selects a random pool of heroes--eight of each primary attribute--then lets each team's captain ban two before picking starts. I like to imagine it'll be all the fun of Random Draft, with a little extra thanks to everyone banning Drow Ranger.

As for the Local Play feature, it doesn't seem to be a true offline LAN mode, rather a way for players to cut down on latency if everyone's on the same network.

And if you play Dota 2 mostly for the hats, as some of its awful vocal critics seem to believe everyone does, you'll be pleased to hear that the messy Backpack item interface is being a slick Armory, which supports custom filters to easily search through your swords.

Phantom Assassin and Luna have received minor makeovers, too.

Do check the full patch notes, and read Dota data digger Cyborgmatt's latest for a deeper look. DotaCinema ripped GLaDOS's sounds too: