Fable Anniversary delayed into 2014

"D∃AR sannta, 4 chrissmas i wud like Fable Annyversay is fable but newer i have been very good ask my mum she will tell you, see u soon" you're writing at this very moment, the holiday season starting earlier each year. Oh dear sweet reader, I'm so awfully sorry: the Xbox 360 revamp of the first Fable has been delayed from this holiday season into February 2014.

"It's not easy making these decisions," lead designer Ted Timmins said in a blog post which gave no proper explanation for the delay. "We need a little more time in order to meet our ambitions," he said, which means it's not good or it's not finished. It wouldn't hurt to say that, though.

And besides, Lionhead saying "it gives us great pleasure" to announce a delay is just downright rude. They're ruining our English reputation for impeccable manners, which we have somehow acquired despite being delightfully and gleefully unpleasant.

Fable Anniversary jazzes up the original game with new models, textures, and lighting in 1080p. It also chucks in a revamped interface, a new save system, and better controls.