Go Dance uses iOS FaceTime for body tracking

Sega has decided to shuck and jive right into the dance game market. But no, this isn't a new Kinect game. It isn't even a game designed for a TV-connected console. Instead, "Go Dance" is a new iOS game that relies on your iDevice's built-in camera to track your movement.

The game's now available on the App Store. It comes with two songs to start with: Party Rock Anthem from LMFAO and Super Bass from Nicki Minaj. Two more songs, Wild Ones by Flo Rida and Levels by Avicii, are available as in-app purchases. The blog also promises more avatars and backgrounds coming soon.

It's a nice enough idea, and Touch Arcade even says it works reasonably well. But still, it's hard to imagine anyone wanting to prop up their iDevice to dance in front of it, especially since Sega's own promotional site makes it look a bit ridiculous. The game's official site mentions AirPlay support, so you could play on the TV. Just make sure your iPad has a stable stand for you to play in front of.