Transistor didn't always have Bastion's isometric viewpoint

Supergiant's next game, Transistor, looks a lot like their previous game, Bastion. But that wasn't intentional, Supergiant's Greg Kasavin revealed at PAX. In fact, the team experimented with many other options before settling on the familiar isometric view the studio is becoming known for.

"You'd be surprised by what we tried and went through before we finally arrived back at that decision," Kasavin explained. "We don't take those kind of decisions for granted. We try to do what's right for the game we're thinking of."

"Bastion was an exploration of the action RPG genre, but we didn't want to make Diablo because it wouldn't be as good. We'd have to find something off to the side to create our own identity," Kasavin said. With Transistor, the studio is exploring turn-based tactics.

Ultimately, the studio decided to continue exploring isometric RPGs because "there was pretty fertile ground" to harvest, even after completing Bastion. However, Kasavin admitted that "there's probably some level of comfort that we have with it," given the team's history in making real-time strategy games.