Deadly Premonition haunting PC on Halloween

The veil between worlds shimmers and tears. Every dream takes you to a mysterious room. Your coffee turns to tar. Shadows linger too long. You crave canned pickles found in a graveyard. It's in the trees. It's coming. Deadly Premonition will launch for PC on Halloween itself, October 31.

We've known all along that publisher Rising Star was planning to bring Access's astonishing survival horror to PC around Halloween, but listen to me: this is by far the most important date left on the 2013 video gaming calendar. Stuff November 15, stuff November 22: Agent Francis York Morgan is coming.

Deadly Premonition, if I may explain, is a Twin Peaks-inspired murder investigation mixing linear survival horror sections and open-world shenanigans. The survival horror bits are awful. The open-world stuff, oh my! You get to roam around, helping and harassing townsfolk, peering through windows, smashing fences, fishing, and eating so much. It's got a wonderful and weird sense of humor, and is one of my very favorite games.

It's coming in Director's Cut form, like the PS3 release, which has improved graphics and controls, a little more story, and a spread of DLC. The PC version has a little exclusive DLC too.

How much it'll cost is still a mystery. Rising Star has said (via Joystiq) that pre-orders will open on Steam two weeks before release.