Minecraft kicks off DLC 'Mash-ups' with Mass Effect

We all knew Minecraft was pretty dang big, but when EA teams up to release stuff for your game, that's something else. A smattering of Mass Effect-themed DLC is coming to the dig 'em up's Xbox 360 edition this week, including skins of Mass Effect characters and a high-tech texture set. It's the first of a planned series of "Mash-ups" with other video games.

The Minecraft: Mass Effect Edition will add 36 Mass Effect character skins, including several flavors of Shepard, along with a texture set and UI theme, 22 music tracks from Mass Effect 3, and a save with a recreation of that game's Mars Facility level. Due Wednesday, it'll cost $3.99.

Ubisoft last year put together a Far Cry 3 pack for Minecraft on PC, but that was a small bit of marketing ahead of FC3's launch, and a free release. The Mash-up series seems far more ambitious--and is actual paid DLC. What cross-over would you like to see next?

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