Xbox One Kinect to support eight languages at launch

One of the fancy things Microsoft expects you to do with a shiny new Xbox One is talk to it. Kinect is still included with every system, ready for you to command it with your voice. Sure, it will understand you in English, but what other languages will Kinect support at launch?

According to Microsoft, eight languages will be supported at launch--although two of them are simply global variants of the same language.

  • English – US

  • English – GB (WW)

  • French

  • Spanish – MX

  • Spanish – ES

  • Italian

  • German

  • Portuguese

Microsoft's Albert Penello admitted on NeoGAF (via The Escapist) that some voice features won't be available in all countries right away. For example, "Xbox On" will only work in five countries. In addition, when you choose a country for your language, you'll only be able to use "supported" languages. For example, you'll only get Italian if you choose Italy. In Canada, you'll be able to select English and French.

Of course, the list of supported languages will grow post-launch. In addition, Microsoft is looking into the ability to "mix-and-match" languages and countries--but only after Xbox One goes out into the real world.