Wasteland 2 gameplay trailer sentenced to 18 minutes in the slammer

Wasteland 2 is a still away, so if you're hankering for a cruel wasteland but live outside our devastated manufacturing cities (social commentary, you guys), indulge yourself with a new 18-minute gameplay walkthrough for inXile's retro RPG. The video sees a party of Rangers exploring a supposedly idyllic town built around a ruined prison. It's not as pleasant as it sounds.

"While the level will be further polished and improved (we're missing a bunch of sounds among other things), it gives you a sense of the final game flow," project lead Chris Keenan said. The prison's intended to be the fourth or fifth place players visit, though it's a free-roaming game so they could head straight there if they fancied being destroyed by robots with disco balls.

"This is only a tiny fraction of the game which is very hard to show in a 20 minute update. It represents about 1/3rd of the prison map and isn't even one of the larger levels, so you can imagine it can be tricky for us to share enough without too many spoilers or overwhelming you."

Wasteland 2 has been delayed from its planned October launch, as hitting so many stretch goals on its crowdfunding campaign has given inXile a whole lot more work than it expected.

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