Wasteland 2 delayed due to expanded scope

inXile Entertainment had long hoped to launch Wasteland 2 in October, but has needed to push its crowdfunded RPG back a little. All those stretch goals it hit have made for a whole lot of extra work, see, so development's running about six weeks behind. inXile now plans to deliver the beta to backers in October.

"It could well be the largest RPG I have worked on to date," inXile founder Brian Fargo said in a backer update. "Of course there is an inherent struggle with the original date hovering despite our greatly increased budget and design."

Wasteland 2 ended up with $2 million more than its initial target, adding loads of stretch goals.

Fargo noted that inXile has learned from this, as it delayed its other RPG Torment: Tides of Numera before crowdfunding even ended while the RPG rolled over stretch goals.

inXile hopes to get a beta build of Wasteland 2 out in October for backers who paid enough, then based on feedback it'll see about setting a release date. The delay is for the best, really.

Thanks to this new crowd sourced model of game production we have the luxury of working on a game that won't be rushed out the door. Under the old process we would often have either retail or a publisher pressuring us to ship a game before we were happy with it. Or the more draconian measure of being sued or having the game handed to another developer to finish, (yes those clauses are fairly common) if we wanted to spend more time polishing our little gem... fortunately we have NONE of this.