How FIFA 14 is different on next-gen consoles

FIFA 14 will be the first game in the soccer series to hit the next generation. So what exactly is the difference between the two versions? EA says the primary difference is in more realism, both in visuals and player behaviors.

"There were two things we did straight away," EA Sports' David Rutter told Eurogamer. "One was bump it up to 1080p and see if it made a difference, because 1080p's expensive. It's a lot of graphics. We were skeptical going into it, but came out being glad we did it, because it makes a significant difference. That was the most performance expensive thing we did initially."

The second was to use the increased hardware power for more nuance between player behaviors and movement. "We've got roughly ten times the animation on Xbox One and PS4 than on current gen consoles. We wanted to improve the behaviors of the players and the AI. A lot of that is around physics and decision making and the way they move, and we've got roughly four times the processing of decisions."

As an example, Rutter said that the current system is much more binary and less reactive. If a player tries to tackle, either he is successful or not. The next-gen version will let the other player try to avoid the collision, with a wider variety of animations for the two to clash or avoid each other.

Finally, the next-gen FIFA promises fully rendered crowds. "When you're looking up into the stands and it goes absolutely nuts--even for us in the team when you see those shots it's absolutely amazing," Rutter said. "It's got no effect on gameplay, but what it does is reinforce the emotion when you're playing, which is quite a deep thing."