Dead Rising 3: Day One Edition includes Frank and Chuck outfits

Ah, sequels. We want them to have prettier and shinier graphics than predecessors. They need to feature innovative new features that advance gameplay--all while remaining exactly the same. You'll be able to live out this gaming paradox with the "Day One Edition" of Dead Rising 3. By pre-ordering the game, you'll get the bonus "Tribute Pack," which offers exclusive game content and bonus attribute perks. Namely, you'll be able to play as Frank West and Chuck Greene from Dead Rising 1 & 2.

The Frank West outfit will include Frank's Zombie Slugger weapon, extra gory attacks, and a custom skill move. Attribute perks will increase melee damage and offer tougher survivors as well.

The Chuck Greene outfit will offer the Paddle Saw combo weapon, which features increased damage and durability. Attribute perks will increase durability for weapons and vehicles.

With these costumes enabled, you can appreciate Dead Rising 3's prettier graphics, SmartGlass functionality, and fancy new Kinect features--all whilst pretending you're still playing the original Dead Rising on Xbox 360. It's the best of both worlds!