Gran Turismo 6 could become GT7 on PlayStation 4

Gran Turismo 6 might turn into a full sequel on the PlayStation 4, according to Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi. At a Gamescom panel, Yamauchi said that the (as yet not officially announced) PS4 version would take a while to arrive. By the time it hits, it could be such a different game that they'd simply call it Gran Turismo 7.

Joystiq reports that Yamauchi said he felt the "vision" of Gran Turismo 6 might not carry over into Gran Turismo 7. GT6 is coming December 6, and Polyphony is planning a year of updates, so the PS3 version is likely to demand their attention for a long while.

Polyphony has said that it has a PS4 version in mind, but Sony explained that the decision to release on PlayStation 3 was largely about the 70 million strong install base.