Magicka developer announces Helldivers for PS4, PS3, Vita

Arrowhead Studios (Magicka) is teaming with Sony and Foster City Studios for a new title called Helldivers. Originally shown at Sony's Gamescom press event, the top-down shooter will feature cross-play and cross-save between PS4, PS3, and Vita.

The PlayStation.Blog goes into more detail on Arrowhead's upcoming title. The game will take place in a "satirical and dystopian future," where players will control an elite unit called the Helldivers to battle across procedurally-generated battlefields. The game will feature single-player and four-player co-op--with friendly fire enabled, so watch where you're aiming that gun, soldier!

Arrowhead remains coy on details of Helldiver's campaign, only noting that it's a co-op game that will depend on the entirety of the game's community. A release date for Helldivers has not been revealed.