PS Vita drops to $199, Sony pledges memory card price drops [Update]

Updated with bundle details and memory card prices.

Sony has FINALLY dropped the price on PS Vita. It's officially $199--for every available model. That represents a $50 drop for the vanilla wi-fi model, and a significant $100 drop for the 3G model.

Even the newly-released Walking Dead bundle will be available for $199. That package includes a 3G system, a copy of The Walking Dead for Vita, and a 4GB memory card, easily making it the best value of the bunch.

In addition, Sony also pledged to bring down the price of the system's egregiously expensive memory cards. A look at GameStop reveals some seriously-slashed prices:

  • 32GB: $119.99 $79.99
  • 16GB: $69.99 $39.99
  • 8GB: $44.99 $24.99

These prices are still too high for the amount of memory they offer, but they're far more palpable than the original MSRPs. Given how generous PlayStation Plus has been for Vita owners, getting a higher-capacity card should be of utmost importance to Vita users.