Pokken Fighters trademarked by The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has registered two new trademarks, both of which could apply to a potential new fighting game.

Siliconera has unearthed two new trademarks for Pokken Fighters and Pokken Tournament. The site postulates that it could be related to a newly-teased game.

Over the weekend, the Pokemon Company showed off a new video reel at the Pokemon Game Show in Japan. The video had Pikachu running through the series' legacy, from the original game on Game Boy all the way to the upcoming X & Y for 3DS. The video ends with a quick tease of what appears to be an unannounced fighting game of some sorts.

Kotaku thinks it could be a Wii U game. This tease, coupled with the new trademark registrations, make it seem likely that The Pokemon Company is making some kind of brawler. Take a look for yourself: