Grand Theft Auto 5 achievements have you aiming for $200 million

$200 million. That's how much you'll have to make in-game in order to unlock the "A Lot of Cheddar" achievement in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Rockstar promised to make its next open-world game all about the money. Not only will you be trying to score big, but you'll be able to buy big-ticket items. For example, you'll want to buy an Apartment, Garage, and an Insured Vehicle in Grand Theft Auto Online to unlock the game's "American Dream" achievement.

The full list of the game's 49 achievements have been leaked to X360A, with 11 achievements locked--presumably for being story-related.

There are a number of other lofty monetary goals mentioned in the list. For example, you'll be able to buy Downtown Cab Co. in order to unlock the "All's Fare in Love and War" achievement. You'll also be able to purchase the McKenzie Field Hangar--likely to make flying over Los Santos a regular treat you can engage in.