Toy Rush features tower defense and dangerous plushies

Look out! It's an army of...cuddly toys! Soft and cuddly toys are the most dangerous kinds of toys, because they smother you with cuteness. New developer Tilting Point is deploying its army of adorable play things, collaborating with Uber Entertainment (Super Monday Night Combat) for a new mobile tower defense game called Toy Rush.

As the name implies, players will build clubhouse bases and defend them against marauding battalions of plushies, which vary in size. Offense is based around attack cards, while defenses utilize whimsical weaponry, like rubber band guns, gumball launchers, and toy ray guns.

Toy Rush will also feature asynchronous multiplayer, which will allow thieves, I mean, players to raid their friends' clubhouses and steal their resources. Although if you'd rather take the moral high road and share your stuff, friends can join together to form clubs to assist each other and also earn specialized units and abilities.

Toy Rush will make it playable debut at the Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime and will release shortly after on iOS and Android.

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