Chaos Code coming to PS3

Arc System Works is best known for developing fighting games like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, but it also publishes them. For those who fancy a face-puncher starring goths, chefs and vampires, Arc's bringing the PlayStation 3 port of arcade fighter Chaos Code westward via PSN.

Though no formal announcement has been made, the US PlayStation Store and website are up, and developer F K Digital is supposedly tweeting about it (via VG247).

"Honestly, it was supposed to be released in July, but we had a bit of technical issues," F K's English Code Club community manager said on Twitter. These troubles are apparently ongoing, as they added that online play will be patched in after launch. Apparently F K is working on its own netcode, but "interested" in having GGPO as "as an option."

Don't worry about this trailer not being in English; it wouldn't make much more sense if it were: