Mighty Switch Force 2 coming to Wii U

WayForward has been busy lately. With DuckTales Remastered set to hit this week, they're now turning their attention back to Mighty Switch Force 2. The developer is looking into Patricia Wagon's latest puzzle platformer and hopes to release it on Wii U.

WayForward has confirmed the project to Nintendo Everything (via Polygon), but calls it a "backburner project." Pun may or may not have been intended. This move isn't entirely unprecedented, as WayForward took the same route for the original Mighty Switch Force a year ago.

For those unfamiliar with the latest Mighty Switch Force title, Patricia Wagon is now switching her day job from police officer to firefighter and must put out the ravaging fires tearing through Tangent City. A formal announcement for the Wii U version is expected in the next few weeks, but if you just can't wait that long, you can grab it on the 3DS eShop right now.