Skylanders: Swap Force 'Dark Edition' adds five dark characters

Skylanders: Swap Force is getting a special "Dark Edition," which will come with five figures rather than the usual three.

It will include "Dark" versions of Washbuckler, Blast Zone, Slobber Tooth, Spyro, and Stealth Elf, along with a poster of all the Skylanders thus far. The standard version, by comparison, includes Washbuckler, Blast Zone, and Stealth Elf, and the "Dark" figures have traditionally been simple repaints and palette swaps for the regular versions.

In addition to the game and figures, the Dark Edition also adds a portal of power, a mega character poster, 5 sticker sheets with secret codes, and 5 trading cards.

Although the developer debuted the Dark Edition on the PlayStation.Blog, the set will be available on every announced platform: Wii U, Wii, and Xbox 360 included. Do note that GameStop says it's exclusive to them. It'll be available for $99.99, about $25 more than the regular not-so-dark version.