30 Years of Wrestlemania mode adds classic matchups to WWE 2K14

2014 will mark the arrival of WrestleMania 30. So, of course WWE 2K14 will commemorate the occasion. This year's iteration of the wrestling game will feature "30 Years of WrestleMania" mode, a single-player campaign that recreates highlights from the past three decades of WWE. You'll be able to relive WrestleMania 3's match between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. You can replay the WrestleMania 28 battle between The Rock and John Cena. And because the "30 Years" mode captures so many big matches, it means the roster for WWE 2K14 will be quite extensive.

'Era-specific' video filters

2K Sports promises "authentically recreated arenas, WWE Superstar entrances and ring attires." The single-player campaign will also include objectives that encourage players to replicate how the original matches went down. However, our favorite bullet point involves the "era-specific" screen filters that make the game look appropriately aged. There's also tons of bonuses for fans to enjoy, including unlockable costumes, arenas, and archive photography. “For nearly three decades, WWE has inspired millions worldwide through the historic, cultural and undeniable phenomenon that is WrestleMania,” 2K marketing director Chris Snyder said in a press release.