Humble Bundle adds Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel

You'll never Adam and Eve it: the latest Humble Bundle has only gone and added extra games. The pay-what-you-want package now offers subterranean FPS Metro 2033, fantasy RPG Risen, and brawler Sacred Citadel, on top of Saints Row games and more Risen and Sacred and Dead Island and oh so much.

These three extras are given free to everyone who bought the Humble Deep Silver Bundle before they were added, but people who want to get in now will need to beat the average price (only $5.05 as I write this). Hit the Humble Bundle site to buy it.

So, to recap, if you pay at least $1 you'll Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2 Gold, all for Steam. Beating the average also nets you Dead Island GotY, Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel, and upgrades Saints Row: The Third to its DLC-inclusive Full Package edition. And paying at least $25 gets you Dead Island Riptide too.

The addition of Metro 2033 brings this closer yet to the Humble THQ Bundle, as Deep Silver picked up both Metro and Saints Row when THQ went down.

The bundle will be sold until Tuesday, so you've still got a while to find a fiver somewhere.